Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct

Although there are a number of regulations which help in the smooth running of the School, there is really only one guiding principle:
'At all times use your common sense and do not do anything that will bring you or your School into disrepute'.

  • Attitude, Manners and Respect for Others

  • School Uniform and Appearance

  • Punctuality and Bounds

  • Respect for Property

  • Classroom Code of Conduct

Attitude, Manners and Respect for Others

Develop a positive attitude towards your School, your studies and your involvement in activities Develop self-discipline and responsibility for your own academic progress.
Identify with the traditions of the school.
Good manners and respect for others are always expected.
Be respectful and courteous to all visitors to the school. You may not bully anyone at any time. Do not use offensive or foul language.
South Coast Academy is an English Home Language school, and therefore we encourage learners to communicate in English.  

School Uniform and Appearance

Show pride in your School by ensuring that your uniform is always neat.
Full uniform must be always worn between School and home, at all functions and on excursions. Blazers will be buttoned, if wearing one, but not compulsory to wear a blazer.
Full uniform or a School tracksuit must be worn after sports practices.  .  

Punctuality and Bounds

Be punctual for School and all classes.
Observe all regulations which specify areas that are out of bounds, or where access is restricted to certain times. You may not leave school at any time except with the permission of the Headmaster or H.O.D. If not feeling well report to the office before calling parents or guardians.

Respect for Property

Take care of your own belongings and show respect for the property of others.
Do not bring valuables to School unnecessarily. Any large sums of money or valuables should be handed to the Secretary for safekeeping. Take pride in the School grounds and buildings by assisting to keep them neat and free of litter. Any breakage or damage to property must be reported immediately.   

Classroom Code of Conduct 

Everyone has the right to learn without interference from others Be punctual and prepared for the lesson (books/files/equipment) Use appropriate language - encourage communication. Show politeness and consideration - exercise self-discipline.
Take care of furniture and equipment.
Respect the property of others.

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