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The boarding school is situated on the same premises as the school and is managed 24hrs by a Boarding Master and Matron who lives on the property.

The boarding can accommodate 120 children from Grade 4 – 12. There are supervised study times allocated and are adapted during examination and test times. Children are supplied with 3 nutritional meals per day which are served in a dining hall. The school is close to a shopping mall where bus tickets and flights can be booked from. We are also within walking distance of public transport facilities. There is a compulsory Mid Term Break when learners have to go home, and all School Holidays are compulsory.

Netcare Private Hospital is situated +/- 1 km from the school, where children with Medical aid can be attended to. There are also various medical practitioners in the vicinity.

Boarding rooms can accommodate up to 6 learners per room and learners are allocated according to age, gender, and grade. Gr 4 – 7 learners are separate from High school learners and are supervised by a hostel matron.

"Together we Grow"

Boarding Fees

Boarding fees are compulsory, and the Owner determines the amount of school fees raised for a year.
South Coast Academy Boarding is private facility and is dependent solely on boarding fee income.

Attendance to our Boarding facility is a service and therefore a financial expense to parents.
Parents who thus enroll their children in our boarding are liable for the payment of the boarding fees. Failure to pay boarding fees could result in termination of residence. Boarding fees are payable in full at the beginning of the year before 15 January OR a payment structure of 11 months, which is due before the 15th of each month.

Boarding Procedures

South Coast Academy prides itself in following strict procedures and learners need to follow procedures as indicated in the Boarding procedures downloadable on the link. Our Boarding master and matron revise procedures to the needs of the learners on an ongoing basis.

Boarding Requirements

All Boarding learners are required to have all their own personal belongings as well as school necessities as we promote responsibility and do urge learners not to lend other learners belongings.

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