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About us

South Coast Academy was purchased in 2005 by Mr Charles Parsons, it is a family-owned business that looks after the welfare of the institution’s learners.

The school has established itself as a true community centre and built up a reputation of consistency and care. South Coast Academy is registered with the department of Education EMIS: 342472 , Umalusi's accreditation: 21 SCH01 00885 regulations and following the D.O.E. CAPS curriculum from Gr 1 -12.

The school is situated in Margate and is an affordable Private school where every day is an open day for future parents.

South Coast Academy follows the Department of Education’s Curriculum (CAPS). Our school has classes not exceeding 25 in the primary school and 30 in the High School. Mainstream education by dedicated SACE qualified teachers with a balance between the experience of maturity and the enthusiasm of younger educators.

Grade 1 to 12 English Home Language.

We boast with hostel facilities located on the same premises of the school, which can accommodate up to 120 learners from Gr 4 – 12.

The school has a swimming pool on the premises as well as sports fields to accommodate sporting codes such as Hockey, Rugby, Soccer and Netball, because of the size of the age groups external competitive sport.

The high standards of South Coast Academy are continuously being challenged to even greater heights, with goals having been set to continue improving and maintaining our high standards of education and continued all-round educational excellence.

"Together we Grow"

Code of Conduct

Although there are a number of regulations which help in the smooth running of the School, there is really only one guiding principle:
'At all times use your common sense and do not do anything that will bring you or your School into disrepute'.

  • Attitude, Manners and Respect for Others

  • School Uniform and Appearance

  • Punctuality and Bounds

  • Respect for Property

  • Classroom Code of Conduct

Policy on Admission

  • The Purpose of this Document

  • Fundamental Principles

  • Admission to the School

  • Documents necessary for Admission

  • Age of Learners

School & Boarding Fees

School and Boarding fees are compulsory, and the Owner determines the amount of school fees raised for a year.
South Coast Academy is a registered N.P.O. , independent institution (Private) with an annual budget dependent upon school fees for operating expenses.
Attendance at a private school is a privilege and a commitment that involves expense.
Parents who thus enroll their children in our school are liable for the payment of the school fees. Failure to pay school fees could result in termination of classes or even examinations. Report cards and all relevant information can be withheld if school fees are not paid. School fees are payable in full at the beginning of the year before 15 January or a payment structure of 11 months, which is due before the 15th of each month.

In accordance with the SA School Act 84 of 1996, it is a legal requirement of parents/guardians to pay school fees that have been set out and agreed upon by the Governing Body. School fees are due and payable on the first day of school, however the governing body will allow payments in instalments on a debit order system to parents. The payment method chosen has to be adhered to by the parent and if deviated will result in the re-negotiation of contracts.

Contact Our Sсhool

1 Elgin Place, Margate, KZN South Coast, South Africa

+27 (0) 39 312 0162

Principal: E Hess

SCA Admin:

Annelisa Bongoza | 

Amanda Sihlophe |  

Finance Director: GJ Parsons |

Finance Administrator: Lindie Parsons |

Hostel Admin: Marlize Parsons |

+27 (0) 62 120 4074 (WhatsApp Only)

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